Survivor guilt?

I’ve heard infertility compared to the stress and sadness of losing a loved one. I often wonder how much of that pain and stress I’ll keep with me if/when I have children. What is it like on the other side? Is the pain replaced with immediate relief and happiness? Or do you remember the sadness and count your blessings a little more often than people who never struggled to build a family? Are you fundamentally changed by this experience?

If you want to read more on the topic, check out this great article from Kathryn Kefauver Goldberg, a writer who struggled with infertility and is now the mom to twin boys. She says, “I still identify with infertility, as if it were a chip I’d been given in AA, though in AA, you can stay forever, whereas with the “TTC” community, you leave the minute you succeed.”


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