IUI #2 is ON!

I went in yesterday for my cycle day 11 ultrasound and bloodwork. I had one follicle measuring at 21.2, one at 16.7, and two 15s trailing behind. E2 was 635 and lining was at 6.9mm. In the afternoon I received the call from my nurse that we’re a go for IUI. Yay! I was a little worried that even on only 25mg of Clomid I made 4 follicles that could possibly be mature at the time of IUI, but the nurse said my E2 was much lower and since one follicle was clearly dominant, it is less risky than last month when they canceled my cycle (had a 19mm, 4 at 16mm, 1 at 15mm).

I did the trigger shot (Ovidrel, pre-mixed) last night and it didn’t hurt at all. A friend suggested icing my stomach beforehand and that seemed to help a lot. My RE also had me start Estrace immediately to help to thicken my lining because they like it to be at least 8mm. After the IUI tomorrow I’ll continue the Estrace twice daily and add in Prometrium as well. All kinds of fun stuff to insert down there! Pantyliners will be my new best friends. Haha.

Needless to say, I’m very excited for the big day tomorrow! It finally feels like we’re taking that next step after months of testing and appointments. Fingers and toes are crossed!



6 thoughts on “IUI #2 is ON!

  1. I wouldn’t be too concerned that you’ll have 4 mature…..anything under 15 at time of trigger won’t make it (according to my RE)….but your other two sound great. Best of luck to you tomorrow!!!

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