My First IUI

After almost two years of TTC, we finally had our first official treatment yesterday. The IUI went well and I was surprised at how fast and easy the entire process was. I joked to hubby afterwards that it *almost* seems like you could do that by yourself at home. Kidding, obviously!

My RE doesn’t do an ultrasound at the time of the IUI, but I know I had at least two mature follicles. My E2 level on the day of my trigger shot was 635, which my nurse said correlates with 2-3 mature follicles. I felt ovulation pain on both sides starting about an hour after the IUI, and it continued through last night. I also had a nice temperature rise this morning. Hubby’s counts came back at 16m postwash and 89% motility, which the RE seemed happy with. One thing that surprised me was that his prewash count was 160m. Where did all those other sperm go!?

My plan for the next two weeks is to try to keep my Dr. Google appointments to a minimum and try to stay relaxed and positive. I’m headed to Charleston, SC for a girls weekend with my mom in two days, so that should help with the relaxation! 🙂

Fingers crossed!

Fingers crossed!


17 thoughts on “My First IUI

  1. Good luck! I just had my first IUI on Friday. Our experiences sound very similar. I have a hard time not Googling everything as well. My doctor told me, “Google is the devil when you have infertility issues”. STICKY BABY DUST TO YOU AND YOURS!

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