The Stages of the Two Week Wait

1-5 DPO – This is TOTALLY the cycle! I can feel it! I’m relaxed and feeling optimistic.

6-8DPO – I’m feeling cramps and pinches. This MUST be implantation! Tests are still turning up positive, which means HCG from the trigger is still in me.

8DPO – HCG is out of my system! Yippee! Tomorrow is the day for a real test.

9DPO – Take a test. Do I see a line? Look at the test in natural light, in a photo that I took of it, in a tweaked photo that I took of it. Ask hubby. Ask random people online. I am crazy. Finally decide that indeed, there is NO line. BFN. Devastation. Tears. I know it is too early, but I can’t help the irrational sadness.

10DPO – BFN. Again. Starting to lose hope and crawl into my deep, dark place.

11DPO – My temperature is dropping and my boobs hurt. Another BFN. Feeling the same that I do every month at this time, which means I need to accept that this wasn’t the cycle. Give myself the big girl talk about force myself to let it go. Throw away my collection of this month’s dip strips.

I’m now at 12DPO and making plans for our next IUI cycle. Hubby is traveling for work starting this weekend, so we’ve decided to go the frozen sperm route this time around. Not feeling great about it, but also didn’t want to miss another cycle of trying due to travel schedules. I realize there is still a glimmer of hope at this point, but I’m also realistic. Curious to know if others become similarly crazy each month. I’m a ball of emotions from 6-11DPO, but then the second I feel/know I’m out, I’m ready to turn the page and  move along with the next cycle.

10 thoughts on “The Stages of the Two Week Wait

  1. Wonderfully put!! OMG, I find that I go crazy starting at 7dpo and getting depressed. Then the hope builds up again around 10dpo and testing to realize over the next few days, it’s still my trigger. UGH!!

    • Glad I’m not the only one! The trigger is the worst as well, because I’m sure even if it is positive you really can’t be sure.

  2. Sounds very familiar! And also the reason I stopped POAS… It helps you stay positive and while you are still going crazy wondering you can still find a little bit of happiness until the final results are in. 12dpo is still technically too soon though. Hoping for you.

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