To the Dads and Wannabe Dads

Hubby after a Father's Day 4 miler

Hubby after a Father’s Day 4 miler

Father’s Day could be a rough day – a reminder of what we don’t have. But I’m choosing to celebrate my husband today for the amazing partner that he is (and of course daddy to our pup). Infertility makes it so very easy to think of the things that you don’t have and neglect to count your blessings. I’m incredibly blessed to have such a loyal, kind, hardworking, funny, smart, and supportive partner. Today I’m reflecting on the amazing father he will be to our future children. I can’t wait to see him in that role and know that he’ll be a natural.

Today I’m also thinking about my dad, who gave me life and has sacrificed so much for my happiness. He has been a strong and dependable force in my life, instilling values and but also showing me not to take life too seriously.  He is spending the day fly fishing and I’m so glad he is relaxing and taking time to do something he enjoys!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and wannabe dads out there!

Father-daughter dance

Father-daughter dance

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