Time to Move on to IVF?

We had our follow up appointment with our RE this past weekend. We’re in the middle of our fourth IUI cycle (first one was canceled) and thought it was a good idea to come in and talk about next steps in case this one doesn’t work. We’ve officially been diagnosed with unexplained infertility – a very frustrating situation – and our RE thinks the problem lies with either fertilization or implantation, both parts of the process that he is blind to when doing IUI treatment. Because of this, and the fact that IUI becomes less successful after 3-4 tries, he’s suggesting moving onto IVF as soon as we’re ready. I didn’t get the sense that he was pushing us into it, but that he 100% thinks this is the best course of action for us.

For now, the plan is to finish this IUI cycle and try one more. Then we’ll take a break in August because we have a vacation planned to Scotland and Ireland – YAY!  When we get back we’ll get started on IVF, if insurance allows. We’re extremely blessed to have insurance coverage that pays for four rounds of IVF. We do have to work with them to get approved, and it is possible they will make us do all six IUIs before we can move forward.

I have very mixed feelings about IVF. On one hand, success seems much more likely (RE says up to 65% chance of success on the first round, vs. the 10-15% we’re looking at with IUI). On the other hand, it feels like we’re taking one step closer to exhausting all our options and it is scary to think we’ve progressed all the way to the end. There is so much more to consider with IVF, including how we feel about having our children created outside our bodies, the toll on my body, and the very real possibility of extra embryos. When we first started this process, I promised myself that even though I want nothing more than to be a mother, that I would be thoughtful and take the time to understand and reflect before making major decisions. It is also VERY important that hubby and I are on the same page. Sometimes I worry that he feels silenced in the process because so much of it has to do with my body.

So here’s to lots of reflecting for the rest of the summer, along with fingers and toes crossed for a successful IUI!

15 thoughts on “Time to Move on to IVF?

  1. They are very hard decisions to make, and ones that shouldn’t be rushed. We waited 5 years before we even attempted assistance of any kind for this very reason. I hope this is the cycle for you and all these questions can remain moot for you!

    • Thank you! Yes, it is very easy to rush into it when you want to be a parent so much, but good for you for taking your time and thinking things through.

  2. Such hard decisions to make for sure. Your exact same concerns regarding IVF were also mine. In fact, when I started seeing my RE I told him no to IVF but then He kept telling me the higher success rates, etc and I said yes despite my gut. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and I haven’t done it since. I wish that I had done like you and taken more time to think it through first. It was not only hard on my physically (I got OHSS) but also emotionally. I have no doubt you will make the perfect decision for you. Just don’t rush 🙂

    Also, I am believing that you will see your BFP before you even have to do IVF. Have fun on vacation in August! xo

  3. My husband and I are finally at the point of starting IVF. I actually wish that we had started it 6 months ago – we have severe male factor infertility and I’ve had to go through 6 failed IUIs. Our clinic told us that only 20% of the couples they treat have extra eggs that they freeze after a cycle, one of the comments that was made during our info session was that people who haven’t looked into IVF think that that number is much greater. OHSS is also a risk, but one that I’m willing to take now. I hope you and your husband make the choice that is best for you – that’s what it comes down to in the end. Wishing you all the very very best and good luck with this IUI.

    • Thanks for sharing your perspective! It is tough to go through so many IUIs knowing the chance of success is slim. Also good to know about not everyone having extra embryos. Best wishes to you for success with IVF!

  4. Just found your blog and wanted to say good luck to you. We are at a very similar spot in our “timelines.” We’re doing IUI #4 this month with injectables and if that doesn’t work, IVF will be our next step. Here’s to hoping our IUI’s work and we don’t have to worry about IVF at all!

  5. Ultimately the decision is a joint one. We are mid IUI cycle 2. We’ll likely do cycle 3 then break before IVF cycle 1. Good luck!

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