IUI #4, Details

I’m almost through my TWW and realized I never blogged about the details of IUI #4. Lucky us, it fell on the Fourth of July and we had to travel 1.5 hours to the only office that was open. This cycle we switched up my medication to Femara, 2.5mg, cycle days 3-7. Clomid was helping me produce extra follicles, but it was also thinning my lining, so my RE thought we should switch to Femara. I didn’t have any side effects, which was great! With Clomid, I had occasional night sweats and heat flashes.

At my cycle day 11 ultrasound, there were four measurable follicles: right, 18.9mm and 10.8mm, left, 11.7mm and 11mm. My lining was still thinner than they want to see at 6.8, but they saw a nice “triple stripe” and started me on Estrace, just like the other cycles. My E2 was 210, the lowest it has been on any of my IUI cycles. They wanted to give my follicles another day to grow, so I triggered on day 12 and had my IUI on day 14. Postwash count was 9.8 million with 73% motility.

Because I have zero self-control, I’ve already been testing. I tested out my trigger at 8dpiui and since then I’ve had BFNs. I know it is still early, but it is getting harder to hold out hope, especially after our recent conversation with our RE about taking the next step to IVF. If this isn’t the cycle, we’ll do one more IUI cycle and then take a break before starting IVF in the fall.

9 thoughts on “IUI #4, Details

  1. we’re cycle buddies this round! When do you go in for your beta? Mine is Thursday! I am doing my best to not test before, it’s SUPER hard! I’ll be sending positive vibes your way.

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