Beta Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning is my beta blood work appointment. I’ve been testing and all BFNs, so I’m expecting bad news. My temperature has dropped and I’ve had some cramps today.

In addition to my blood work, hubby is having a semen analysis tomorrow. Since our RE has recommended that we move forward with IVF if this next IUI cycle doesn’t work, he wants to build the case with our insurance now. We’re very lucky that our insurance covers four rounds of IVF. To be able to use this benefit, they need to agree that we’ve exhausted all other (less expensive) methods. If we submit two abnormal semen analyses, they should approve us to move forward with IVF. My husband had one in 2013 that showed 2% morphology. So at this point I guess we’re hoping for an abnormal result so we’re cleared to move forward if need be. Oh, the joys of infertility!

7 thoughts on “Beta Tomorrow

    • Yes, we feel very lucky that they are covered. We just need my husband to keep his job until one of these treatments works. Thank you!

  1. wow, congrats on the good insurance! Our’s (tricare) covers nothing. They really should since I blame the military for our situation. If my husband wasn’t deployed 4 times we would have been able to get with the baby making a bit more in my early 20s when we had a better shot. But now here we are..late 30s and hoping for a very expensive miracle.

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