IUI Update, With a Side of Cyst

I went in for my cycle day six ultrasound and blood work today. The cyst on my right ovary that they saw during my cycle day three ultrasound is still hanging out. My E2 was 150, so they don’t think it is producing hormones or that it will be an issue for this cycle.

I have three follicles measuring around 11 and a bunch of other smaller ones (on day 6!). They are reducing my Gonal f from 50iu to 37.5 iu for tonight and tomorrow and I’ll go back in on Friday. I guess this proves that I really am an overachiever when it comes to responding to fertility drugs. It’s about time I’m labeled an overachiever for something. 😉 All we can do is hope that those three 11s continue to grow, but the others stay small or disappear. I’m worried about being back in the same situation as my first IUI cycle, where I over-responded and they canceled the IUI.

I’m also feeling not so great on the Gonal f. I barely had any side effects on Clomid or Femara, so it surprised me when I started with headaches and a little nausea this week. I’m curious if this reaction is from the drug, my cyst, or the fact that I have so many follicles growing. Either way, it isn’t fun. This is also one of those baby weeks. Baby announcements in my office, from good friends, and of course coming out of the woodwork all over Facebook. I’m trying to remain positive and keep my fingers crossed for good news on Friday.

12 thoughts on “IUI Update, With a Side of Cyst

  1. Sending you lots of positive vibes! The three that are 11 are a good size already, hopefully they keep growing and the others take a back seat. I sometimes had headaches on the GonalF and I was tired, so it could be from that.

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