Day 8 Update

At my day 8 appointment for ultrasound and bloodwork my follicles hadn’t grown much from day 6. They were at 12.5, 3 at 11, and one at 10. My E2 came back at only 44 (way down from 150 on day 6). My nurse said this is because they decreased my dosage and it will go back up once it is increased again. Anyone else had this happen? I’ve read that it isn’t a good sign for this cycle.

I’m back up to 50 iu Gonal f last night and tonight and then back to monitor tomorrow morning. The nurse practitioner who did my scan said that they’re still concerned about too many follicles at this point (5), so they don’t want to bump up the dosage too much. And my cyst is still hanging around, but not getting any larger. 😦

The plan is to enjoy a glass of wine on the back deck and then head to sushi with my hubby tonight to try get our minds off this cycle. Can’t complain about this view with the blooming trees!

Backyard in bloom

Backyard in bloom

5 thoughts on “Day 8 Update

  1. Those trees are gorgeous. I wish I had those to look at while drinking coffee . Do they make a huge mess during fall? I’ll be praying that they grow. And a glass a wine sounds perfect.

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