Days 10 + 11 Update

Lots of excitement around here! I’m starting to feel like I live at the RE’s office, with five trips there in the past week. I’m now on Day 11 and feeling a bit more optimistic about this cycle. My arm is another story — I seem to have only one vein that they can draw blood from and it is starting to look and feel pretty gnarly. I hope we can get one more round out of it on Wednesday before it gets a much needed two week break!

Day 10 Update
Lining: 6.99mm
Right follicles: 15.1, 12, 10.2
Left follicles: 11.5, 11.4
E2: 141

Day 11 Update
Lining: 8.24 (YAY! This it the first time it will be over 8 when I trigger. It’s the small victories, right?)
Right: Two follicles at 15 (no sign of the cyst!)
Left: No growth – nurse said it has “thankfully quieted down”

My nurse thinks we’ll end up triggering on Wednesday, as long as those 15s have grown to 18s. I thought this cycle would move a lot faster because I read that injectable cycles usually progress more quickly than Clomid cycles. On Clomid I was triggering around day 11 and it looks like I won’t trigger on Gonal f until day 13. I’m really hoping I’m ready on Wednesday because I’m scheduled to go to NYC this weekend for work and to see my brother for his birthday. A Saturday morning IUI would really cramp my style — no pun intended! 😉 Hubby has an important meeting on Friday morning, so we need to decide if he can miss it, or if we’ll go with the frosties this time around.

Tomorrow I get a day off from an early morning appointment, so I’m heading home to pour a tall glass of red wine and watch my guilty pleasure, the Bachelorette! Yes, I STILL watch that show. It is too ridiculous and I cannot.stop.watching.



7 thoughts on “Days 10 + 11 Update

  1. Ugh! I know what it feels like to only have one functioning vein. Not sure what they’re going to do when it decides to shut down for biz. Crossin my fingers for you.

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