Missing What I’ve Never Had

You were in my dream last night, little one. I’ve had many dreams where I’m anticipating your arrival and know you’re growing inside me. But this time, you were a toddler — a boy — curly-haired and full of energy and wonder. We were playing by a lake, and you dropped your toy into the water. I jumped in to fish it out for you while you stood on the dock and giggled at me. We each got a cone of ice cream — soft serve, vanilla and chocolate swirl. Daddy called and we told him how much fun we were having. We were at a place that I’ve never been before, yet it seemed so familiar to me. When I woke up, I felt a real loss. How could you not be real? I can no longer picture your face, but I won’t forget how happy I felt spending the day with you in my dream.

Sunset from the dock

Sunset from the dock

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