Day 13 Update

After lots and lots of stimming, we were finally ready to trigger for our IUI yesterday. At the scan I had two follicles — one at 18 and one at 15. I triggered last night with Ovidrel and will have the IUI on Friday morning. We were able to schedule it early enough that hubby can drop off his sample before his big meeting, so no frosties. He’ll have to leave before the procedure, so this will be the first time we won’t be together for the IUI. I feel ok about this (especially considering our success rate thus far) but it certainly would be strange if it works and we got pregnant with only one of us present.

Luckily the timing worked out perfectly for my work trip. I’ll be headed to NYC tomorrow afternoon after resting at home for most of the day. I have some renewed hope since this is the first cycle we’re trying injectables. At this point I’m not sure if feeling hopeful is a good thing or a bad thing. I know it is important to keep the faith, but it sure does make it harder to deal with another negative outcome.

6 thoughts on “Day 13 Update

  1. I think it’s always good to be hopeful!!! So many women have success after switching to injectables, I hope you join that statistic! Good luck girl!

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