IVF Questions

IVF Questions

Onto IVF…so many questions!

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things and mentally preparing for our IVF consult this week. I want to make sure I get all my questions answered before we officially begin our first IVF cycle. Here is my initial list – I would welcome any feedback from anyone who has gone through or is currently going through IVF. Thanks in advance!

-What is my IVF protocol and why? What drugs will I be taking?
-Review of treatment timeline.
-We have concerns about having too many quality embryos. What are the options if we have too many to ever use? Is there a way to be more conservative with treatment, knowing this is a concern?
-Based on our diagnosis (unexplained, slightly low morphology) do you recommend ICSI? Do you offer half ICSI?
-Do you offer PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis)? Do you recommend this for us?
-When will we have to make the decision on how many embryos to transfer? At the end of the day, is this truly our decision or do you have rules about age and number of embryos? What would warrant transferring more than one?
-What will happen at my mock embryo transfer? Do you “scratch” the uterine lining? I hear this hurts!
-What would be a good number of eggs to retrieve?
-Explanation of process for freezing remaining embryos.
-Can you give a percentage chance of this cycle working, based on my age and diagnosis?
-What would cause us to have to cancel the cycle?
-If this isn’t successful, what is the protocol for FET?

-Will you be my doctor throughout the cycle?
-Who performs the retrieval and transfer?
-Which office will I go to for the retrieval and transfer?

Pre- and Post-Care
-Should I plan to take time off work? At what point in the cycle would this be most needed/beneficial? Do you recommend bed rest after transfer?
-What do you do to avoid OHSS? What are my chances of developing OHSS (considering I’ve over-responded to small doses of meds during IUI stimming)
-What are your thoughts on acupuncture? When during the cycle?
-Should I make any diet changes?
-Should I cut down on exercise? At what point during the cycle?
-Any supplements I should be taking in addition to my prenatal vitamin?

20 thoughts on “IVF Questions

  1. good luck . . . IVF is exciting and scary! I have been enjoying learning more about my body and why they have me take certain drugs at certain times. I hope it all works out.

    • Thank you! I’m hoping with IVF we’re able to find out more about what has been going wrong with the process. And obviously get pregnant! 🙂

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