IVF Update: Headache

I started my stims last night and felt fine until mid-afternoon today, when I got pretty horrible headache that has lasted through the rest of the day. I finally broke down and took two tylenol, which helped to dull the pain but didn’t make it go away completely. I’m hoping this is just my body getting used to the medicine and it won’t continue the entire time I’m stimming. I stimmed on Gonal f 50iu for an IUI, so not sure if it is the addition of the Menopur that is giving me problems, or just the increased dose of Gonal f. It is totally worth it if this works, but I must say that I wasn’t expecting to feel this out of it the second day of stims. Hoping tomorrow is a better and more productive day!

6 thoughts on “IVF Update: Headache

  1. I always have brutal headaches in the beginning and they fade about day 5 or 6 when my body seems to get used to the hormones. You probably know this but drink tons of water- it helps!

  2. Sorry to hear about your headaches! I didn’t have anything like that thankfully *touch wood* I second the previous person, drink lots of water. Good luck this week!

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