IVF Update: Slow Start

After three days of stims, I had my first monitoring appointment this morning. They saw 10 follicles on the right and 9 on the left, all under 10mm. My E2 was 115. My nurse said they would like to see it a bit higher, in the 200-300 ballpark, so we are going to slightly increase my dose of Gonal f from 175iu to 200iu. Hoping this will get things moving!

7 thoughts on “IVF Update: Slow Start

  1. I’m amazed at how different clinics approach different protocols. After 4 days of stims my E2 was 258 and they considered this a slow responder. They need me to be at 500 so I can add the Orgalutran injection. Unfortunately, I’m on the maximum dose for my protocol so if things don’t improve there’s talks of either canceling the cycle or converting to IUI. I have another blood test tomorrow so hopefully we’ll know more then. This process is such a roller coaster. Sending you big hugs and good growing vibes to your follies!

    • It is crazy how different it is. Definitely a roller coaster! Hoping we both can get things moving in the next day! Sending positive vibes right back to you!!

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