IVF Update: Moving Right Along

I’m now on Day 9 of stims. I had monitoring appointments on Days 6 and 8. After my appointment on Day 4, they increased my Gonal f from 150iu to 200iu to get things moving. Here’s a recap of the appointments:

Day 6:
-E2 482
-Six measurable follicles 9-11mm
-13 additional smaller follicles
-Lining 6.1
-Instructed to add Centrotide on evening of Day 7, and then every morning each following day through trigger
-Instructed to increase Menopur from 75iu to 150iu when I start Centrotide

Day 8:
-E2 754
-Lots of measurable follicles, largest at 15mm
-Lining at 8.4, triple stripe
-Instructed to increase Gonal f to 225iu

I go back in tomorrow for monitoring. I’ve been feeling pretty good for the most part, but the past two days I’ve been very tired and feeling quite larger and in charge in my lower stomach. I’m hoping we’re looking close to ready to go tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “IVF Update: Moving Right Along

  1. Been thinking of you! So happy to see your post. I’m glad to hear your numbers have been moving along great! That’s fantastic that your lining is looking great too. Mine is already too thick so I was told we’re doing a Freeze All cycle and looking to do a FET, Lord willing, in November. I hear you on the feeling tired and bloated bit. All the best for tomorrow!

    • Thank you!! Sorry to hear about your lining being too thick. It is amazing how many things need to line up for a cycle. I’ll be hoping for lots of embryos to freeze for your FET!

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