IVF Update: Batting 1,000

Today is Day 10 of stims and everything is looking great at this point! It’s every day monitoring from here out, and my doctor thinks we’ll trigger on Thursday or Friday (Day 12 or 13). Here are today’s stats:

E2: 1,520
Lining: 10.1
Follicles: 11 measurable follicles, 12-16mm, 5 more that are smaller
Keep the same doses of meds (225 Gonal f, 150 Menopur, .25 Cetrotide)

One thing I wasn’t prepared for was some pain during the ultrasound. It makes sense because it is getting quite cramped in my nether region, but it was the first time I noticed pain during an ultrasound. My only other complaint at this point is just feeling very exhausted. Back tomorrow for more fun!

14 thoughts on “IVF Update: Batting 1,000

  1. I don’t understand the numbers yet, I’m sure I will very soon but if you say it’s good then yay! Lol as for the pain dying US, that has become normal for me the past few months. For some reason once in close to O or my follies are good and swollen my cervix is so freaking sore, I hate it.

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