IVF Update: Pulling the Trigger

When I went in for my bloodwork and ultrasound yesterday morning, the NP thought I would trigger on Thursday or Friday. We received the surprising news late yesterday afternoon that we were ready to trigger! My nurse said that because I have 5 follicles over 18mm and my estrogen has risen nicely, it is go time. Now for the fun part. Because we go to such a busy clinic, they explained early on in the process that they do many IVFs each day, meaning your trigger time for retrieval could fall at a very strange time. How about 1:45am? Haha! So we set about 5 alarms and got up to trigger in the middle of the night. It was an easy process because I’m triggering with Lupron to avoid OHSS, therefore the injection was subcutaneous, not intramuscular.

I think we’re all set for the retrieval tomorrow at 1:45pm. My clinic puts me completely under, which I’m thankful for. I can’t eat or drink anything after midnight tonight, so I’m going to be a hangry lady by the time the procedure gets here. Hubby is all ready to go with his part – lots of pressure! I keep reminding him that it is definitely better than having a large needle poked through your vaginal wall and ovaries.

I can’t believe we finally made it to this point after so many long months of trying on our own and then 5 IUIs. I’m feeling a wee bit nervous, but mostly very excited and thankful that we’re here and everything has gone smoothly so far. It is absolutely astonishing to think that we are potentially creating our future kid(s) TOMORROW! As always, I really appreciate all the support from everyone throughout this cycle and would love some prayers and good vibes for a successful egg retrieval.

Here are my stats from trigger day:
E2: 2,755
Lining: 10
Follicles: 5 follicles greater than 18mm, 9 between 13mm and 18mm, more that are smaller
Triggered with Lupron .8ml

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