To My IVF Babies

To my IVF babies:

Your path into this world hasn’t been easy or traditional, but that makes you even more precious and special to me. It may seem that most people are more fortunate because they don’t have to wait as long or go through as much heartbreak to meet their loved ones. But maybe we are the lucky ones, because our eyes are completely open. We aren’t wondering if the time is right, or how you’ll fit into our lives. We are so ready to welcome you and know you’ll complete us.

You aren’t a happy accident or a crazy whim. You aren’t a “I guess we’re ready” or an “everyone else is doing it” decision. Your dad and I are choosing you, over and over again, until you are here with us. You are our love and commitment and dreams made manifest. With clear minds and hearts, we’re choosing to bring you into this beautiful, crazy world. Soon I hope we’ll be blessed with the opportunity to actively place you into my body, knowing that we are ready for our lives to change for the better. We’re choosing you.



12 thoughts on “To My IVF Babies

      • Aw, thanks! Doing ok. We were very excited to learn that all 11 eggs were mature and 8 fertilized (5/6 with ICSI and 3/5 with regular IVF.) We had a very happy day yesterday, but today we found out that that 3 of them have a lot of fragmentation and the other 5 are growing slower than they want (they are still 2 cell and they want them to be 4 cell). Long story short, we’re headed for a 3 day transfer tomorrow and hoping for the best! How are you doing?? Please send an update. Thinking of you!

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