IVF Update: Day 5 Transfer

After my last doom and gloom post we received some really great news. We woke up on the morning of what was to be our Day 3 transfer to a call from my nurse. She said we had a lot of growth overnight and were being switched to a Day 5 transfer! I cried some happy tears after being so stressed and sad the day before because of lack of progress.

My clinic doesn’t give you a grade on Day 3, but our nurse said we still had the original 8 embryos that fertilized. Five of them were excellent quality (four 7-cells and one 8-cell). The other three were 4-cell, 5-cell, and 6-cell, but sounds like they are more fragmented.

If you’ve done IVF, you know that you don’t get a report on Day 4 because they let the embryos “rest” undisturbed. While I want them to rest so they can grow, it is tough going a day without an update. We won’t know any more information until we arrive for our transfer tomorrow morning, which is very nerve-racking. I know a lot can happen in between Day 3 and Day 5, but we’re hoping for at least one good embryo to transfer. Some potential frosties would be an added bonus!

18 thoughts on “IVF Update: Day 5 Transfer

  1. YAY!!! The power of prayer my friend! What an incredible blessing to get bumped to a day 5 transfer! I know those limbo days are the worse. Day 2 was really hard for me. Day 4 was a little less hard until just before I went to bed. Sending you big hugs and lifting you in prayer!

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