IVF Update: Day 6 Transfer

Our little blast!

Our little blast!

Yes, you read that title right. We got all ready on Day 5 and were just getting into the car to drive to the clinic when my nurse called and said we were being pushed back to a Day 6 transfer. At this point we still had five front runners, but they were early cavitating/compacting embryos, so the embryologist wanted to give them one more day to see if the best ones of the group would reveal themselves. We were already worried that our embryos wouldn’t make it to Day 5, and now we had to wait another day!

Feeling like we were in the movie Groundhog Day, we got up and ready for our transfer today for the third time this week. Luckily, this time it really happened! When we arrived, we found out that we had one (nearly) perfect embryo – an expanded blastocyst graded AB – that we would transfer. We were extra excited to learn that this embryo was one of the three that fertilized on its own through IVF, not ICSI. The embryologist said they were still waiting on the other 4 to see if any were high enough quality to freeze and that we would know tomorrow or Saturday. The doctor who did the transfer said most likely we would have one or maybe none to freeze, which wasn’t great news, but I was so happy that we had a rockstar to transfer that I focused on that.

The procedure was very easy. It was very similar to an IUI, only this time the doctor was surgical with the catheter and I didn’t feel a thing! The best part was getting to see our embryo on the screen in the lab, and then watching on the ultrasound screen as it was inserted. A very emotional moment! They even gave us a photo to take home with us. Hoping that someday we can show our child their very first baby photo!

I’m not doing strict bed rest, but just trying to stay relaxed around the house for the next three days. I’m sure this wait will be the worst one yet, but at least with a Day 6 transfer we don’t have to wait quite as long!

27 thoughts on “IVF Update: Day 6 Transfer

  1. Hooray!!! I’ve been thinking of you a TON! Since you’re about a week ahead of me, you’ve been my shining star leading the way. I keep getting reassured at each step of your progress. I look anxiously at your E2 numbers and lining and use that as my benchmark.

    Question: Do you know if this little blast was one of your ICSI eggs? Or was it a “naturally” fertilized guy?

    Fingers and toes crossed for this to WORK! Please, oh please!!!

    • That is so nice to hear! I blog to keep myself sane, but I’m so happy to hear that my experience is helping someone else in a small way. We did find out that it was one of the three that fertilized through regular IVF which really surprised me since the odds were much higher it would be ICSI. Sending lots of positive vibes to you!!!

  2. Congratulations! Here’s hoping those others will freeze well for a “just in case”. But more so that you won’t even need them! Fingers crossed (and legs and arms and eyes). Enjoy the rest!

  3. Congrats! Everything sounds great, although I can understand the disappointment at unexpectedly having to wait an extra day. Hopefully all worth it to be able to choose the strongest.

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