Circle + Bloom

For my first IVF cycle, I knew I needed to find some new ways to manage my stress.  In addition to a gentle yoga class, I started the Circle + Bloom program for IVF and IUI. I’ll admit that I was skeptical at first and definitely giggled my way through the first session,  but now I find that I look forward to that time each day as a way to center myself and unwind. The sessions are short and basically talk you through how to relax your body and mind. I don’t know yet if it helped with this cycle, but it certainly hasn’t hurt! I feel much calmer after I get that “me” time each day. (This is not an official and/or paid endorsement, just wanted to share a great product with the community!) If you interested in checking it out, here is a link for 15% off: In addition to the IVF and IUI program, they have programs for natural cycle and PCOS. Enjoy!

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