A Little Bit Pregnant



I’ve been putting this off for three full days now because I’m scared if I acknowledge it, it will go away. After 27 very long months, I have seen one of the most beautiful sights: a positive pregnancy test! In fact, in the past three days, I’ve probably seen about 10 because I cannot stop testing. I’m completely overjoyed, but that is tempered with worry and doubt because it is very early on, and since yesterday I’ve had some brownish/pink spotting.

Today I’m 7 days past 6-day transfer (so basically the same as 13 days past ovulation for those keeping score the regular way). My first positive came on the evening of 4 days past 6-day transfer and totally shocked me. I read that it is possible to get a BFP then, but I figured it was way too early. It was very light, but definitely noticeable! Since then, I’ve tried multiple types of tests and they are all positive, with the lines getting a little darker each day.

I asked my nurse about the spotting, and she said it could very well be from the Endometrin suppositories that I’m taking three times a day. They are known to cause irritation and bleeding, and she said that I can switch to progesterone in oil and see if the spotting stops. I ordered some and will start this weekend if I keep spotting.

For now, we are cautiously optimistic, hoping for a great beta on Tuesday and an end to this spotting. I keep telling myself it will do absolutely no good to worry and I should try to enjoy being pregnant regardless of how long it lasts. Please hang in there, little one! We love you so much already!

32 thoughts on “A Little Bit Pregnant

  1. and the bfp good news just keeps on coming in! congrats to you and hubby. it’s tough to just be happy and go with the flow but you’re YYYAAAAAAYYYY you’re pregnant! enjoy this great moment in your life xox

  2. Congratulations sugars! This is so exciting!! I’m praying that the bleeding stops so you don’t have to worry anymore, but rather enjoy each and every second. Hugs! xo

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