Betas 2 + 3

HCG is over 2,000!

HCG is over 2,000!

Last week we had two more beta tests. The first one didn’t double in 48 hours, so we were a little nervous going into the third one. On Friday we got the great news that our third beta doubled in 42 hours and that we graduated from our betas! Right before I left to get that blood draw, this little guy popped up, so I was feeling confident we crossed over 2,000 hcg. We scheduled our first ultrasound for Friday — I’ll be exactly 6 weeks. Trying to remain sane until then.

Beta 1 (17 dpo): 610

Beta 2 (19 dpo): 1,025

Beta 3 (21 dpo): 2,124

11 thoughts on “Betas 2 + 3

  1. I’m worried about you! I think your u/s appt has already come & gone… and no update from you! I am hoping and praying that everything is wonderful on your end, and that you’re just busy with work and all the craziness that IVF brings. Please let us know you’re ok! Hugs!!!

    • Aww, so sweet of you to reach out! Everything went great at the ultrasound, I’m just tardy with an update. Having trouble stay awake after work to blog. Promise it is coming soon! Would love an update on your cycle!

      • Thanks for asking! 🙂 My cycle has been successful thus far:

        * 14 eggs retrieved on 10/29 (7 fertilized “naturally” — we did NOT use ICSI)
        * 2 Day5 blasts transferred on 11/3
        * positive beta at 9dp5dt on 11/12 (hCG = 115)
        * 2nd beta on 11/14 (hCG = 250)
        * 3rd beta scheduled for this coming Friday & u/s scheduled for 12/1

        My #s aren’t nearly as high as yours, so that concerns me a little, but the RE team is pretty confident. So far, my only setbacks have been a yeast infection (ugh! Never had one before. Thanks a lot, antibiotics & steroids!), and I’m now developing an allergy to the PIO, so I have to switch to crinone suppositories.

        Still, so far so good! 🙂

      • That’s so exciting, congratulations!!! From everything I’ve read, it doesn’t matter how high the betas are in the beginning, just that they rise appropriately. I’m sorry about the yeast infection and the PIO allergy. 😦 I’m more sane on the PIO because I’m not spotting like I did on Endometrin, but it certainly isn’t fun. Hope crinone works better for you! Sending up lots of good thoughts for Friday! Keep me posted. xoxo

  2. I promised you an update…

    Your positive thoughts must’ve helped me! If my numbers were doubling appropriately, I should gotten around a 3000 today. Beta #3 actually came in at 7109!!!!!!

    Hooray! Hooray! I’m SO relieved right now!

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