There’s Still a Baby in My Belly

Baby at 6 Weeks

Baby at 6 Weeks

We had our first ultrasound last Friday when I was six weeks to the day. I think I was more worried for this appointment than I was for any other procedure or appointment in the last 2.5 years of trying to conceive. I was so scared that we would see inside my uterus and it would be empty and our dreams would be crushed.

When they got in there, we could see a perfectly round gestational sac right away. They pointed out the yolk sac and the teeny tiny baby beside it. Because I was only six weeks, they warned me beforehand that we might not get to see a heartbeat, and that would be completely normal. To our surprise, we were able to see the heartbeat and it was measured at 100bpm, which they said is right on track for this early stage. The baby measured 5 weeks, 6 days, so one day behind where it should be. The doctor said it is hard to measure when it is this small, so the really important part is that we saw the sac and the baby with a heartbeat. The tech was able to zoom in and give us a photo of our little apple seed!

I felt an amazing amount of relief and joy after the appointment, but know it is still early and we have more hurdles to cross. Our next ultrasound is this coming Wednesday, when I will be 7 weeks, 5 days along. We’re hoping for a growing baby with a strong heartbeat!

17 thoughts on “There’s Still a Baby in My Belly

  1. Oh my goodness! This is such wonderful news!!! I have been so busy and haven’t checked your blog in quite a few days. What an amazing surprise to see this post. I am thrilled for you!!! (Kleenex moment when you mentioned the heartbeat)!
    You asked before that I keep you posted on our cycle (which is super sweet of you)….We received positive news last week. The PGD results show that all 4 of our little embryos have no genetic abnormalities. We were so grateful for that news! Thr odds seem favorable now, but you never know. Our transfer in Seattle is set for 12/26. Cannot wait!!

    • Thanks for the note! That is amazing news about PGD! 12/26 sounds like a great day for a transfer. Try to relax until then, I’ll be thinking of you!! 🙂

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