16 Week Bumpdate

Week 16 bump

Week 16 bump

How Far Along?: 16.3 Weeks

Baby is the size of: An avocado!

Total Weight Gain: +8lbs

Maternity Clothes? Yes, invested in AG maternity jeans and loving them! Still in regular shirts but they are looking a little silly.

Stretch Marks? Nope.

Sleep? Pretty good.

Best Moment This Week? A quiet, happy moment of anticipation in our future nursery, a room that has been an empty, sad reminder for the past few years.

Movement?: I felt a little kick last night! Certain times of day I feel a bunch of tiny movements.

Food Cravings?: Lemon anything, salads, really just food in general!

Anything making you queasy?: When I bend over I still get a little queasy, but happy to say that no food or other smells are causing any dry heaving anymore.

Baby Bump?: Yes, it feel like my belly is just growing outward in all directions. Hoping this bump will start to take some shape soon so I don’t just look large and in charge.

Gender Prediction?: I think boy, hubby thinks girl. I’m getting so excited to get to know this little one!

Labor Signs?: No. I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions 2-4 times per day. My doctor said this is normal and isn’t a concern unless they are happening regularly (4-6X an hour). A little concerning but trying not to stress about it.

Belly Button In or Out?: In but stretching out. It is weird to be able to see in there!

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: Happy! I have noticed this week that my hormones are back in full swing and I get emotional very easy, similar to how I felt during much of the first trimester.

Miss Anything?: I would love an Italian sub and a margarita (not necessarily together!)

Looking forward to?: Anatomy scan in 2.5 weeks, getting started on the nursery and registry once I know who this little one is!

5 thoughts on “16 Week Bumpdate

  1. I love reading your updates! Just wanted to drop a quick word to let you know that we got back all our genetic tests last week: all is normal. Aaaaaaand, we are having a GIRL!!!!!! 😍
    I hope you continue to feel good and keep us abreast of your growing babe!

  2. Thank you for the update! That is so exciting! I’m so happy to hear that everything came back normal and it is so fun that you’re having a sweet baby girl, congrats to you!!

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