17 Week Bumpdate

Week 17 bump

Week 17 bump

How Far Along?: 17.3 Weeks

Baby is the size of: Onion

Total Weight Gain: +9lbs

Maternity Clothes? Yes. I need to expand my collection. Any suggestions?

Stretch Marks? Nope, but skin is starting to get a little itchy. The freezing cold weather isn’t helping.

Sleep? Not too bad this week. I think exercising is helping. I have had some heartburn creeping up.

Best Moment This Week? Feeling legitimate movement from baby (not having to wonder if it is gas!)

Movement?: Definitely. I feel the most activity after dinner until before I go to sleep. It makes this seem so much more real! I can’t wait for hubby to be able to feel it.

Food Cravings?: Candy, which is very unusual for me. Valentine’s Day candy is everywhere and I can’t stop eating it.

Anything making you queasy?: If I move around too quickly – bending over or rushing up the steps – I get a little queasy.

Baby Bump?: Yes! It is still looking like a small pillow covering my whole belly – hoping it begins to take shape.

Gender Prediction?: Time will tell! 1.5 weeks to go! I’m still thinking boy.

Labor Signs?: My Braxton Hicks (or whatever that was) seems to have resolved this week, thank goodness!

Belly Button In or Out?: In but getting bigger and flatter.

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: Happy, happy, happy!

Miss Anything?: Margaritas. I’ve realized that is 75% of the reason why I like Mexican food.

Looking forward to?: A surprise 90th birthday party for my Gram next weekend!

13 thoughts on “17 Week Bumpdate

  1. THREDUP. Seriously-I’ve gotten 90% of my maternity clothes there. It’s second hand, but everything is in really good shape and I don’t FEEL like I’m wearing used clothes. And it’s cheap. Like $60 dresses for $15.00.

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