It’s a…

Sweet baby girl

It’s a girl!

Much to my surprise, baby is a GIRL! The best news? She is looking very healthy after our ultrasound at 19 weeks with the specialist. Apologies for the delayed announcement, I’ve been soaking in the happiness and shock that I’m having a little girl. 🙂

How did we find out? We had our anatomy scan in the morning on Feb. 13, asked for the gender in an envelope, and took it right to our favorite cupcake place so we could be surprised when we took a bite at dinner! This entire pregnancy I’ve felt like baby was a boy. At the anatomy scan, they started with an internal ultrasound and baby was IMMEDIATELY mooning us, so the tech said to quickly shut our eyes. Her response to what she saw, and the few times she said “he” while checking all the parts made me even more sure that it was a boy. All of this just added to the fun surprise when I saw the pink inside of my cupcake! It probably sounds stupid, but it was one of the biggest and happiest surprises of my life.

It was so special to have both sets of our parents and my brother there to share in our joy. This little girl is already so loved! Here are some photos:

Complete shock!

Complete shock!

It's a GIRL!

It’s a GIRL!

Grandma is excited for a little girl!

Grandma is excited for a little girl!

Celebrating with my family

Celebrating with my family

14 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. this sounds like our story. minus the delicious cupcakes 😉 i was certain it was a boy. so shocked but so head over heals to find out we’re having a girl. all that love is an amazing feeling eh?! congrats!

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