21 Week Bumpdate

Week 21 bump

Week 21 bump

How Far Along?: 21.3 Weeks

Baby is the size of: Pomegranate

Total Weight Gain: +13lbs. Didn’t gain this week! I’ll credit it to nightly elliptical workouts and trying not to eat everything in sight.

Maternity Clothes? Oh yes!

Stretch Marks? Not yet but my stomach is getting a lot harder and tighter.

Sleep? Starting to get a little sore around my hips at night.

Best Moment This Week? Crib and dresser arrived and I’m starting to picture how her nursery will come together. It was fun to see hubby hard at work priming the walls and putting the crib together, so sweet!

Movement?: I’ve noticed the movement a little less this week and I think that is because baby has moved up a little from where she was before, which was very low and in the front. Still feel her a lot after I eat and drink and before bed.

Food Cravings?: This is the first week I had a cliche craving – pickles!

Anything making you queasy?: My occasional gags are back this week. My hormones must be surging again.

Baby Bump?: I think the bump is finally picking a coordinated direction, yay! Looking more like a bump and less like I have a full pillow under my shirt.

Gender Prediction?: Baby girl! We’ll see her again this week at our 22-week ultrasound at the specialist to check her heart (standard for IVF patients). There have been many girl purchases, but I’ll feel better about painting the nursery once we see her one more time and confirm that no parts were hiding at 19 weeks!

Labor Signs?: Nope.

Belly Button In or Out?: Holding steady.

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: Happy!

Miss Anything?: I’m not going to lie. We went to a winery with friends this weekend and I had a few very tiny sips of wine! It was delish but I wouldn’t have felt comfortable having more than a tiny bit.

Looking forward to?: Seeing baby girl again this week! Also, we finally booked a babymoon to Siesta Key, FL for April. Counting down the days!

One thought on “21 Week Bumpdate

  1. looking good! tiny sips are a okay in my books 🙂 i’ve had half a beer twice and a couple of sips of champagne on NYE.

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