23 Week Bumpdate

Week 23 bump

Week 23 bump

How Far Along?: 23.3 weeks

Baby is the size of: Grapefruit

Total Weight Gain: +16lbs

Maternity Clothes? Yes. This is the first week strangers are commenting on the bump!

Stretch Marks? Nope

Sleep? Still pretty good.

Best Moment This Week? Celebrating hubby’s 32nd birthday and my dad’s 60th birthday! We spent time with both sides of the family and shared baby girl’s name with them (it’s a secret from the rest of the world for now!)

Movement?: Lots of movement!

Food Cravings?: Sweets!

Anything making you queasy?: Nope, feeling good in the stomach. My pelvis is another story. Feeling a lot of pain down there and starting to wonder if it is normal or not.

Baby Bump?: Bump is in full force and the world can tell I’m expecting. Yay!

Gender Prediction?: Sweet baby girl.

Labor Signs?: Nope.

Belly Button In or Out?: Still in! Last week it was very flat but I swear it managed to suck itself back in a bit this week.

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: Happy!

Miss Anything?: Red, red wine.

Looking forward to?: Baby is now viable and the idea of having her here with us in a few short months is really sinking in. I’m so excited but also feeling nervous. Hoping our day-long birth and baby care class this weekend will help ease some of our fears.

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