Weeks 25-30 Bumpdate

Many people say that pregnancy moves slow, but I’ve had quite a different experience. Every week seems to move more quickly and I’ve really fallen behind on my blogging! Although I haven’t been writing an update each week, I’ve definitely been enjoying this last stage of growing my sweet little girl. I’ve been very busy with trying to get everything wrapped up at work, childbirth classes, putting the nursery together, making sure I have everything I need for her arrival, and fitting in a few last minute trips. I’m going to do one big bumpdate spanning the past 5 weeks since I clearly cannot keep up with these weekly ones! As I slow down in the coming weeks I’m hoping to get back to the weekly updates.

How Far Along?: 30.6 weeks! I cannot believe we’re in the single digit weeks until baby arrives.

Baby is the size of: Cauliflower, Head of Lettuce, Rutabaga (what!?), Eggplant, Acorn Squash, and now Cucumber

Total Weight Gain: +25lbs, yikes!

Maternity Clothes? All maternity all the time! Around 27 weeks is when I really popped. Now I’m getting asked constantly when I’m due, etc.

Stretch Marks? Still holding firm! Everything is feeling very tight so I won’t be shocked if they arrive any day now.

Sleep? Sleep was good until 30 weeks. Now I’m having a lot of trouble getting comfortable with my big belly.

Best Moment This Week? Too many great moments to pick one: Hitting the third trimester, spending quality time with hubby and my mom before baby arrives, feeling all of baby girl’s movements.

Movement?: She was moving like crazy weeks 25-29. Lately I’ve noticed a little less of those large movements and more just kicks and punches. I think it is getting tight in there and she isn’t able to somersault like before.

Food Cravings?: Still sugar! I found out at 29 weeks that I’m slightly anemic, but haven’t really experienced any symptoms. I started an iron supplement and am making an efforts to each more iron-rich foods.

Anything making you queasy?: No

Baby Bump?: See belly pics below, the bump is huge!

Gender: Girl!

Labor Signs?: Nope.

Belly Button In or Out?: STILL IN! I can’t believe I made it to 30 weeks with it in.

Wedding Rings on or off?: Hands are still good, but my feel and ankles started to swell like crazy around 29 weeks. By the end of the day they are comical and I can barely fit them into flip flops. I can’t imagine what they will look like in 9 more weeks.

Happy or Moody?: Very happy. I think I’ve reached the point where I’m letting the stress go and just enjoying the end of pregnancy. I do have my moments when I’m like “how am I really going to birth a baby!?” but I think that is normal.

Miss Anything?: The weather has been beautiful – perfect for a glass of white wine on the back deck! I do miss alcohol a little but not too much. Also missing bring able to move around quickly. It takes some work to get out of bed and waddle around.

Looking forward to?: Back to back baby showers this weekend and next! Can’t wait to see family and friends! Also another ultrasound at the specialist at 32 weeks.

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