Tuesday’s Treat: Hello Fresh

If you’re a busy parent (who isn’t!?) I’m begging you to check out Hello Fresh! I’ll be the first to admit that my cooking skills are not up to par, but when my hubby suggested trying a meal delivery service I had visions of gross frozen lasagna. Not the case! We’ve been doing Hello Fresh for about a month and it is seriously delicious. Bonus points for it helping me learn how to cook AND creating some much needed time for me and hubby to reconnect each night after we put Zuzu to bed.

Below are snaps of some of the meals we’ve made. Some of our favorites so far include Smoky Beef & Poblano Chili, Shrimp & Lemon Risotto with Roasted Zucchini and Parmesan, and Pork & Apple Burger with Rosemary Potatoes and Mixed Green Salad. YUM!

Want to try it? Use my code C6DJ2N for $40 off your first box!


Jamie’s Super-Speedy Steamed Salmon with Jewelled Couscous & Yogurt



Garlic-Butter Shrimp with Tomato, Brown Rice, and Caramelized Veggie Skewers


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treat: Hello Fresh

    • You’re right, it is pricey. You can always give it a try with the coupon and then cancel the service. We calculated the amount we were spending on take out food and in addition to being horrified, realized this was about the same cost for much healthier options. I don’t know if we’ll keep it long term, but I look at it as an investment in teaching me some cooking skills and getting some recipe ideas in addition to yummy meals three days a week.

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