Infertility Timeline

July 2012
Blissfully started TTC

October 2012
Started charting (ok, I’m a little crazy type A!)

January 2013
Trip to the GYN. Me: Why am I not getting pregnant? GYN: You’re young and healthy, come back after 1 year of trying. Me: 😦

January-May 2013
Tried some new tactics. Sex more often. Sex less often. Ovulation predictor kit. Fertility-friendly lube. Lots of legs in the air. Stressing about it. Stressing about trying not to stress about it. Yoga. Praying.

May 2013
Had a very light positive on multiple home pregnancy tests, then got my period. Went to the GYN. GYN: Likely a chemical pregnancy, happens all the time. HCG is levels were undetectable and my period comes the next day. Waaaaaaaa. GYN suggests that hubby has semen analysis. Most numbers are good, but motility and morphology are both slightly off. GYN: I’m not an expert at reading these results, but I don’t see anything hugely concerning. Us: What? Why did you have us get this test if you can’t read it? Ugh.

May-July 2013
So we can get pregnant? This is good news? Surely it will happen again one of these months.

July 2013
Trip to GYN. Me: I’m baaaaack. GYN: Your 25-day cycles seem too short. Let’s try prometrium supplements for three months.

September 2013
Still no baby and back to the GYN. Me: I’m baaaack. GYN: Time to see a specialist.

October 2013
Take a two week vacation to celebrate 5 years of marriage Surely this will do the trick! Nope.

November 2014
Enroll in hubby’s health insurance because it covers infertility testing and treatment.

November 2013-January 2014
More waiting. Start running. Maybe if I get into super good shape, that will work.

January 2014
First visit to RE. Like him and feeling hopeful. Time to begin testing and find out what is wrong! Get HSG test and have more blood taken than I thought was humanly possible.

February 2014
Fertility results come back. Everything checks out. Diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Due to hubby’s slightly low motility and morphology and the fact that it has been 20 months with no success, RE recommends IUI with clomid, Gonal-f and Ovidrel. Side note: I’m no longer immune to varicella or rubella. WHAT!? Make appointments to get revaccinated.

March 2014
Hubby is working abroad for 6 weeks. I am getting revaccinated. Fun times.

April 2014
IUI #1! FINALLY! 21 antral follicles on day 3. Take clomid 100mg, days 3-7. Feeling great with minimal crazy side effects. Day 9 ultrasound shows 16mm follicle on the left and 15mm follicle on the right, with a bunch of 12mm and 13mm follicles trailing. Day 11 ultrasound shows LOTS of follicles: 19mm, 4 at 16mm, 15mm. E2 was 1100. RE calls to cancel the cycle due to the risk of high order multiples. No TTC for the rest of the cycle. Booooo!

May 2014
IUI #2! 11 antral follicles on day 3. Take clomid 25mg, days 3-7. Lots of night sweats. Day 11 ultrasound shows 21.2 mm follicle, 16.7 mm follicle, and two others trailing between 14-15. E2 is 635. Time to trigger! Have first official IUI. Hubby’s counts were good (16M postwash, 89% motility) and had ovulation pains on the day of the procedure. BFN.

June 2014
Start IUI #3. 9 antral follicles on day 3. Take clomid 25mg, days 3-7. Day 11 ultrasound shows 18mm follicle and 15mm follicle. E2 is 342 and lining isn’t great at 6.5. RE prescribes estrace, 75iu Gonal-f and tells me to trigger the following night (day 12). IUI on day 14. Postwash numbers were 7M, 73% motility. BFN. Start another cycle and change from Clomid to Femara, 2.5mg, days 3-7.

July 2014
Continuing IUI #4. Day 11 ultrasound shows 18.9mm and 10.8mm follicles on right and 11.7mm and 11mm follicles on left. Lining is 6.8 but RE comments on beautiful triple stripe. E2 is 210. I will trigger the following night (day 12). BFN. Start another cycle, this time with injectables only. Gonal f days 3-5 then ultrasound and blood work.

August 2014
Continuing IUI #5. This cycle took longer than the others to trigger. I started out with too many growing follicles, so we decreased the dose from 50iu Gonal f to 37.5iu Gonal f. Then the follicles stopped growing, so we upped the dose back to 50iu for two more days. Day 13 ultrasound showed 18mm and 15mm follicles on the right and we triggered that night. IUI on day 15. Postwash numbers were 17M, 88% motility. The best sample yet! Now in the TWW. Insurance approved IVF if this cycle doesn’t work.

September 2014
IUI #5 = BFN. Starting IVF #1.

October 2014
IVF #1. High Responder Antagonist protocol. Starting stims 10/5. 11 mature eggs retrieved, 1 day 6 blastocyst transferred, 4 blastocysts frozen. BFP on home tests starting 10/27!!! Pregnancy confirmed with beta on 11/4.

November 2014-January 2015
Smooth sailing through pregnancy #1. Awaiting anatomy scan on 2/13.

February 2015
Found out we’ll be welcoming a baby girl into our lives in July!

June 2015
We welcomed Susannah Rose (Zuzu) into our lives four weeks early. She is healthy, happy, and our little miracle.

June 2015-December 2015
Baby blur. So much love. So little sleep.

January 2016
No rest for the weary and infertile. Exhausted but decide to pull the goalie just in case we can get pregnant on our own for baby #2.

June 2016
Zuzu is one! We’re finally falling into a rhythm and parenting is getting easier. Should we do a frozen transfer now? Decide that I’m not ready to shake things up, especially since we’re still going strong with breastfeeding. Fun fact for infertiles: you can’t do treatment when breastfeeding.

June 2016-December 2016
Continue with no protection in case we get a miracle.

January 2017
Tick tock. New year. New baby. Feeling the pressure of the clock and would like our kids to be close in age, so we know it’s time. Breastfeeding has slowed down so we implement a plan to wean. All it takes is a long girls weekend in the Caribbean for mama and our rockstar is off the boob. Much less drama than I expected. Because of a slight risk of Zika we take eight weeks off from trying naturally.

February 2017
Meet with RE. He’s hopeful that we’re in good shape with our four frozen embryos.   It is everyone’s preference for a single embryo transfer the first time around. Have blood work and baseline ultrasound. Lady parts are still intact and blood work is mostly good, with the exception of elevated FSH at 11.5. Luckily we have frozens and that number isn’t relevant unless we have to do IVF again down the road.

March 2017
Mock embryo transfer. Easy peasy. I’ve been here before. The PA says that we should try naturally this month since she “cleared a path.” Since we’re past the Zika waiting period, we give it one last shot.

April 2017
FET #1 scheduled for May 31! Will start birth control pills on the first day of my cycle the end of this month.

May 2017
Lots of shots. Drink one last margarita on Memorial Day weekend. FET #1 on May 31. Fingers crossed!

June 2017
FET #1 failed. BFN. Start birth control again for FET #2.

July 2017
Currently prepping for FET #2 on July 27. #shotsshotsshots

6 thoughts on “Infertility Timeline

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  2. I’m so sorry you are having to go through all of this…it’s awful! And unless you’ve been there, no one else can really understand all the crazy feelings you are having inside….I’ve been there, I understand. Sending a big hug your way.

    I started my blog just as we were finishing up all the RE trips and trying stuff, and have found it super healing to share – even if it’s to the wide expanses of the web. 🙂

  3. I got follicular cyst, monitored in follicular study. This month on day 3 I got pelvis ultrasound done and follicular study and got to know that cyst is no more in the body but there is a follicle of 16 mm on day 3. Should we have relation in this month. How likely am I to ovulate? What are the risk associated with a follicle of 16 mm on D3.

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