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A good reminder for today

A good reminder for today

We found out on Friday that this wasn’t our month. Right after my call came from my nurse, I started bleeding. It was like my body knew to give up.

That makes today cycle day 3, so I was back at the doctors office this morning. We’re doing another IUI, our fifth try, this time with only injectables (Gonal f). In the past my RE was hesitant to try injectables because I respond so well to small amounts of Clomid and Femara and he is worried about the risk of multiples. I guess he changed his mind and thinks we need to make the jump.

My lining was at 3.3 with 12 follicles on the right and 9 on the left. I spoke with a nurse who said all looked good and explained how to use the Gonal f pen. When I was halfway home from the appointment I got a call that I needed to come back for blood work. They said the sonographer saw a cyst so they had to check my estrogen levels before I could start this cycle. No clue why the tech didn’t mention this to me or the nurse who I spoke with about my protocol. Thankfully, I wasn’t too far from the doctors office so I could make it back in before the phlebotomist  left. Nothing like having to go to that sad, sad place more than once in a day!

Luckily the cyst isn’t producing hormones so I’m good to start this cycle. I’m doing 50iu Gonal f, days 3-5 and then go back for blood work and ultrasound on day 6.

Anyone have luck with injectables after failed IUIs with Clomid or Femara?



Goodbye Clomid, Hello Femara

I had my cycle day 3 appointment this morning for my fourth IUI cycle. My RE is switching me from Clomid to Femara due to Clomid thinning my uterine lining. Last month it was at 6mm on day 11, and they want to see it at 8mm+. The tech saw 11 measurable antral follicles on my scan, so hoping that I don’t overstimulate like I did my first IUI cycle. The PA saying “oh my, now don’t you all grow” wasn’t exactly comforting.

Anyone have good or bad experience with Femara vs. Clomid? I didn’t have too many symptoms from Clomid besides some night sweats and being a little moody. I had to sign a waiver because Femara isn’t FDA-approved for use for ovulation induction/super-ovulation (it is a breast cancer drug). From what I’ve read it sounds like it is widely used with few side effects.

IUI #3, Here We Come

So I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit lately. Sorry! I guess it is a good sign that I’m keeping busy and not stressing too much about this treatment cycle. Last weekend I finished my 25mg dose of Clomid, cycle days 3-7. I felt pretty much the same as I did last cycle – a little moody and some night sweats, but nothing major. I went in this morning on cycle day 11 for ultrasound and blood work. I had one follicle at 18mm and one at 15mm. My LH isn’t surging yet, so RE is having me take one dose of 75iu Gonal-f tonight, and then trigger with Ovidrel tomorrow night. The best news? Hubby will be back in time for the IUI, since it will be on Saturday! So no frozen swimmers this time.

Anyone have experience with taking one dose of Gonal-f after clomid and right before an IUI? Any idea how much growth I can expect from one dose between now and Saturday morning? I’m thankful to be trying something new, as I’m not a fan of trying the exact same thing that didn’t work that last time (especially after almost two years of trying things that didn’t work!). Thanks in advance!

IUI #2, away we go!

Today is finally cycle day 1 of IUI cycle #2! I was overstimulated on cycle #1 and had to cancel the IUI and abstain from sex due to the risk of high order multiples. Although it was depressing to have to cancel our first treatment cycle, it was nice to have a little break from the stressing and wondering, know we had little chance this cycle. The 100mg of clomid caused me to produce 6 mature follicles (which felt crazy painful when I ovulated) and increased my cycle from my usual 25 days to 30 days.

Pending a good ultrasound and bloodwork on day 3, the orders this time are 25mg of clomid days 3-7, back on day 11 for ultrasound and bloodwork, and then hcg trigger shot followed by IUI. All of this needs to happen before cycle day 16, when my mom and I head to Charleston, SC for a girls’ weekend. Fingers crossed for fast growing follicles, but not too many!

IUI #1 is Canceled

I just found out yesterday that my first IUI cycle was canceled because I responded too well to Clomid. My protocol for this cycle was Clomid 100mg, days 3-7. While I’m feeling pretty down about having to cancel our first treatment cycle after waiting so long to get to this point, I’m trying to see the silver lining and hoping my response is a sign that we’ll have a successful cycle in the near future. Here’s a wrap up of this cycle:

-CD9 ultrasound – 16mm and 15mm follicles with a bunch of 12s and 13s. My nurse said this was a great response and as long as they all didn’t continue to grow that we should be ready for the hcg trigger on day 11. We didn’t start the Gonal f because it wasn’t needed. She also said it was fine to continue having sex, just not on the night before IUI.

-CD11 ultrasound – 1 at 19mm, 4 at 16mm, 1 at 15mm. Doctor called in the afternoon and tells me not to trigger and that this cycle needs to be canceled because I responded too well and am at risk for high order multiples. He asks me if we’ve had sex and sounds a little concerned when I say yes, the nurse said it was fine to. Yikes!

imagesSomething that struck me is how strange (not to mention cruel) it is to go from being “infertile” to immediately having to worry about a Jon and Kate + Eight “high order multiples” situation (read more here). After I got the call from the doctor saying we needed to cancel the IUI and that we should abstain from sex for the remainder of this cycle, I started poking around on message boards to see how others handled this situation. It is very tempting to have sex anyway against doctors orders, knowing that you are extremely fertile for possibly the first time ever, but for me the risks are way too high.

Because the nurse said it was fine to have sex on CD 9, we did. Now based on what the doctor told me, there is a slight chance that we could get pregnant, especially if I ovulate six eggs. So fingers crossed for only one sperm with lots of endurance. If not, it’s more waiting until we can try again next month.