Keep Moving Forward


A good reminder for today

A good reminder for today

We found out on Friday that this wasn’t our month. Right after my call came from my nurse, I started bleeding. It was like my body knew to give up.

That makes today cycle day 3, so I was back at the doctors office this morning. We’re doing another IUI, our fifth try, this time with only injectables (Gonal f). In the past my RE was hesitant to try injectables because I respond so well to small amounts of Clomid and Femara and he is worried about the risk of multiples. I guess he changed his mind and thinks we need to make the jump.

My lining was at 3.3 with 12 follicles on the right and 9 on the left. I spoke with a nurse who said all looked good and explained how to use the Gonal f pen. When I was halfway home from the appointment I got a call that I needed to come back for blood work. They said the sonographer saw a cyst so they had to check my estrogen levels before I could start this cycle. No clue why the tech didn’t mention this to me or the nurse who I spoke with about my protocol. Thankfully, I wasn’t too far from the doctors office so I could make it back in before the phlebotomist  left. Nothing like having to go to that sad, sad place more than once in a day!

Luckily the cyst isn’t producing hormones so I’m good to start this cycle. I’m doing 50iu Gonal f, days 3-5 and then go back for blood work and ultrasound on day 6.

Anyone have luck with injectables after failed IUIs with Clomid or Femara?



Trying to Keep the Faith

I didn’t make it to my beta. My period came yesterday, making this last cycle 27 days. I’m hoping the third IUI is the charm, because this may be our last low tech cycle. We’re meeting with my RE on Friday to discuss next steps if this IUI is a bust. I need to wrap my mind around the idea of IVF being the next step.

The Results Are In

I went in for my beta blood work this morning, and this afternoon my nurse called to confirm what I already suspected: Our first IUI cycle was a failure. This is very depressing, but to be honest, I got a lot of my tears and the disappointment out of my system earlier in the week after my tests continued to come up negative. Now I’m looking ahead to our next cycle. Tonight I’ll stop the Prometrium and Estrace and wait for my period to arrive. For better or worse, after a certain amount of time trying, you really do start to assume you won’t be pregnant, so the disappointment isn’t quite the same as it used to be.

I’m going to try my best to have a fun weekend with my hubby and our extended family and not fret about our first official treatment failure. I’m thinking a few large margaritas poolside will be help make this a reality. Hubby leaves for international travel for work next week, so this next IUI cycle will be on my own (with frozen sperm!) which should be interesting. Maybe we’ll be telling our future son or daughter that they were conceived while their dad was in Japan. Would be quite the story!