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A good reminder for today

A good reminder for today

We found out on Friday that this wasn’t our month. Right after my call came from my nurse, I started bleeding. It was like my body knew to give up.

That makes today cycle day 3, so I was back at the doctors office this morning. We’re doing another IUI, our fifth try, this time with only injectables (Gonal f). In the past my RE was hesitant to try injectables because I respond so well to small amounts of Clomid and Femara and he is worried about the risk of multiples. I guess he changed his mind and thinks we need to make the jump.

My lining was at 3.3 with 12 follicles on the right and 9 on the left. I spoke with a nurse who said all looked good and explained how to use the Gonal f pen. When I was halfway home from the appointment I got a call that I needed to come back for blood work. They said the sonographer saw a cyst so they had to check my estrogen levels before I could start this cycle. No clue why the tech didn’t mention this to me or the nurse who I spoke with about my protocol. Thankfully, I wasn’t too far from the doctors office so I could make it back in before the phlebotomist  left. Nothing like having to go to that sad, sad place more than once in a day!

Luckily the cyst isn’t producing hormones so I’m good to start this cycle. I’m doing 50iu Gonal f, days 3-5 and then go back for blood work and ultrasound on day 6.

Anyone have luck with injectables after failed IUIs with Clomid or Femara?



Goodbye Clomid, Hello Femara

I had my cycle day 3 appointment this morning for my fourth IUI cycle. My RE is switching me from Clomid to Femara due to Clomid thinning my uterine lining. Last month it was at 6mm on day 11, and they want to see it at 8mm+. The tech saw 11 measurable antral follicles on my scan, so hoping that I don’t overstimulate like I did my first IUI cycle. The PA saying “oh my, now don’t you all grow” wasn’t exactly comforting.

Anyone have good or bad experience with Femara vs. Clomid? I didn’t have too many symptoms from Clomid besides some night sweats and being a little moody. I had to sign a waiver because Femara isn’t FDA-approved for use for ovulation induction/super-ovulation (it is a breast cancer drug). From what I’ve read it sounds like it is widely used with few side effects.