Surprise Pregnancy Announcements

Fall is a time for many of my favorite things, including beautiful foliage, chilly mornings, boots, and college football. College football means meeting up with old college friends to relive our glory days. Or at least it used to. We’re now in that stage where almost ALL our friends have kids/babies. The college friends were among some of the last to bite the bullet, so there are lots of babies and surprise pregnancy announcements are always lurking.

Let me say that I’m typically not one of those people who can’t handle pregnancy announcements. If you’re one of those people, I totally get it and I’m not judging at all. But usually I can keep it together and put on my happy face. In two weeks we’re invited to a little reunion with a bunch of college friends. There will be a bunch of kids, a newborn, one friend who I found out today is five months pregnant, and another who I have my suspicions about. I’ll be about one week into my stims and I’m a little worried about how everything is going to go. Some of these friends know we’re having trouble conceiving (an understatement at this point) but others have no idea. I can deal with all the baby/pregnancy talk, but I’m dreading the conversation turning to us and when we’re going to have kids.

Today’s strategy for the surprise pregnancy announcement was to toss my greek yogurt and veggies back in the fridge and binge on some of these bad boys for lunch. Hey, it is the first official day of Fall!

My Fall Weakness - Candy Corn!

My Fall Weakness – Candy Corn!

I’m still working on my strategy for our reunion in a few weeks. I want to be open, but also don’t want to turn into an emotional mess. It can be a fine line to walk. I’m curious to know how all of you cope with surprise pregnancy announcements and friends who aren’t clued in to infertility? I’m very open to suggestions! 🙂